Syracuse CrossFit facility

CrossFit Core Fitness Equiptment

Some of the equipment you will see include in our training room: rowing machines, squat racks, free weights, physioballs, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension training (TRX), and Olympic rings.

"The greatest adaption to CrossFit occurs between the ears."Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder
Here at CORE we are always are introducing new exercises and routines, we keep members motivated, constantly learning and always seeing results.

This variety of equipment provides a new program that challenges anyone interested in exercise. We provide a unique approach on how we program workouts day to day. How groups are taken through workouts continually change. Members participate as a team, partnered workouts, individual efforts as well as keeping the group together as a whole. We use dynamic and functional exercises, simple and complex bodyweight movements and gymnastics all creating the element of muscle confusion. We get people engaged in a high intensity and constantly varied routine. The aerobics studio holds numerous classes, based upon popular demand. The space and equipment gives us a wide range of possibilities on how to train. Our facility will fill the need of all these training elements at one location.

Respect the training

It's hard, it's effective, you will feel the differece. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. We implement various gymnastics, weight lifting and metabolic conditioning exercises to speed up the timeline of seeing and feeling results. Bring your training to the next level and feel the difference.