CrossFit Core Fitness Mission

We want to help our members bring about a higher quality of life

CrossFit Core Fitness Mission Statement

Syracuse's premier CrossFit program

Our mission, at Core, is to tap your hidden potential and illuminate the path to a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle.

CrossFit Core Fitness is more than a gym, it’s a community of support, education and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals. You receive expert coaching, individualized attention and stay motivated to work hard and move forward.

The CrossFit Core Fitness Program

CrossFit is for everyone.

Our program designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community, scalability is what allows athletes of all ages and abilities to gain access to CrossFit’s benefits. It is also what allows CrossFit athletes to progress, as they meet and then move beyond their fitness goals. Everyone benefits from the coaching at Core.

Is CrossFit for me?? Absolutely!!

The CrossFit program at Core Fitness is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual - at any fitness level - regardless of experience.

We scale load(weight) and intensity(reps); instead of individualizing programs. You won’t have to lift weights beyond your level or perform movements beyond your skill set. We pride ourselves on working with people of all ability levels and the process of making them better. Furthermore, our target population is not specific to age or gender, instead we welcome anyone who is willing to work hard and keep an open mind to CrossFit principles.